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Wick 80-4HA™ Fire Pump Details

Wick 80-4HA™ $1,595 Cdn
Wick 80-4HA Pump

The hallmarks of this outstanding pump are performance, versatility, low weight, wraparound frame, stability and ease of operation.

This "all position" 4 stroke Honda engine with an integral fuel tank produces a highly efficient power to weight ratio at very low noise levels. Includes a spark arrestor.

The unique clutch feature allows the engine to idle without engaging the pump, thus conserving water.

Low fuel consumption, as well as the bolt-on detachable foam compatible pump, will make this unit a favorite in rapid attack and mop-up operations. The single stage pump detaches easily for maintenance.

The Wick 80-4HA has the best overall performance of all pumps in its class and meets the emission standards of US EPA/CARB regulations. Ideally suited for applications in Municipal, Forestry, Industrial and Home Firefighting.

Performance Notes:

This is an excellent choice for many cottage owners. There is no oil to mix with the gasoline. Its light weight and simple operation allows family members to deploy and operate the pump in an emergency. You will be impressed by the ability shoot a 1½" stream 40'. Hose lays to 800' and beyond, and elevation changes to 50' are well within this pump's capabilities.

Length:  13.25"   (33cm)
Width:  11.0"   (28cm)
Height:  11.3"   (28cm)
Weight:  17.8 lbs   (8.07 kg)
Suction:  1½" NPSH   (38mm)
Discharge:  1½" NPSH   (38mm)
Type:  Honda 4 Stroke
Power:  1.6 hp (35 cc)
Ignition:  Electronic
Carburetor:  Diaphragm
Fuel:  regular gasoline
Fuel Tank:  .68 Qt. (.65 L)

Peak Performance
Discharge (PSI) 0 20 30 42 53 60 73
Discharge (KPA) 0 138 207 289 365 413 503
US Gal per min.) 55 44 38 26 13 7 0
Litres per min. 208 166 144 98 49 26 0

Performance Graph
Wick 80-4HA Performance Chart

If you wish a hose package to go along with this pump, look at the Cottage Protection Kits.

PW80-4HA Wick 80-4HA Fire Pump $1,595.00 Cdn

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