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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Wickman-100G™ Fire Pump Details
Wick 80-4H

Wickman-100G™ $1,595 Cdn
With Remote Fuel Kit: $1,745 Cdn
Wickman 100 pump

The Wickman-100G™ is the latest version of the reliable and time-tested quick response fire fighting pump from Mercedes Textiles Ltd. Now with electronic ignition to provide greater fuel efficiency and easier starts. Meets current EPA standards.

This ultra-modern, lightweight, portable fire pump is compact, very stable and has a low centre of gravity. It features the latest in engineering design resulting in the best performance of any pump in its class. Power is supplied by a Solo® state-of-the-art, high performance, long lasting two-stroke engine.

The engine has nikasil treated cylinder walls, built-in fuel tank and primer, with a compact efficient muffler. It's unique clutch drive system yields super easy and reliable starts, easy warm up and automatically shuts off water flow while idling. Single stage, detachable pump end for easy maintenance. Ideally suited for application in Municipal, Forestry, Industrial and Home Firefighting.

OPTIONAL: Remote fuel tank connection kit
(allows use of portable fuel tank)
Pump model: PW100RF (see below)

Video shows Wick 100 pump in action.

Performance Notes:

This is an excellent choice for many cottage owners. Its light weight and simple operation allows family members to deploy and operate the pump in an emergency. You will be impressed by the ability shoot a 1½" stream to 50' or more. With its 100+ psi capability, the pump can be effective to elevations of 100 feet. If you have a small property to protect, or you require high pump mobility, or personal physical limitations require a light weight unit, then the Wickman-100 is an ideal choice.

Length:  13.25"    (34cm)
Width:  11.0"    (28cm)
Height:  11.3"    (29cm)
Weight:  16.9 lbs    (7.7kg)
Suction:  1½" NPSH    (38mm)
Discharge:  1½" NPSH    (38mm)
Type:  Solo Two cycle
Horsepower:  2.4 HP
Fuel Mixture:  24:1
Cylinder:  Nikasil
Ignition:  Electronic
Fuel Tank:  Built-in with primer

Peak Performance
Nozzle Size Free Flow 1/2" 3/8" 1/4" 3/16" Shut-off
Discharge (PSI) N/A 39 59 80 89 103
Discharge (KPA) N/A 269 407 552 614 710
US Gal per min.) 71 47 32 16.5 9.85 0
Litres per min. 269 178 121 62 37 0

 Wickman 100 Performance Graph

If you wish a hose package to go along with this pump, look at the Cottage Protection Kits.

PW100 Wickman-100G Fire Pump $1,595.00 Cdn Out of Stock
PW100RF Wickman-100G Fire Pump
with remote fuel kit
$1,745.00 Cdn Out of Stock

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