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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

VERSAX Fire Pump

VERSAX™ Fire Pump

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The VERSAX® Series is line of versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pumps powered by a 6 hp or 9 hp Honda engine. They offer superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance and at an elevation.

The VERSAX® is a multipurpose fire pump that can also be used for other applications such as tank filling, water transfers and as the backbone for ATV slip-on units.

The VERSAX is an ideal pump for general civilian use due to its easy reliable operation with pressures to 150 psi and flow rates to 100 US gpm (397 L/min). A good choice to feed several sprinklers with additional hand-held fire suppression capabilities. Weight: 57 - 117 lb.
Note: The wrap-around frame configuration is our most popular.

Pump Specifications:
Type:2 stage self priming centrifugal
Intake: 2" male NPT (can operate reduced to 1.5")
Discharge: Manifold with dual 1" MNPT ports; 1.5" MNPT port with aluminum caps
Priming Port: 2" male BSP with aluminum cap
Impellers: Reinforced glass fiber nylon composite
Drive: Direct drive off engine crankshaft (no clutch)


View VERSAX Data Sheet PDF document

Manual recoil start
VERSAX 6 hp Fire Pump
Portable with carry handle
$1,650 Cdn
Manual recoil start
VERSAX 6 hp Fire Pump
Wrap-around frame
$1,850 Cdn
Manual recoil start
VERSAX 9 hp Fire Pump
Portable with carry handle
$2,450 Cdn
Out of Stock
Manual recoil start
VERSAX 9 hp Fire Pump
Wrap-around frame
$2,550 Cdn
Out of Stock
Electric/Recoil start
VERSAX 9 hp Fire Pump
Wrap-around frame
$3,200 Cdn
Out of Stock

Special Order pumps are not stocked but are shipped direct from the factory upon order. Availability is currently uncertain.

Make it a Kit ...
VERSAX Hose Accessory Kit
$1,095 Cdn

With the addition of this 1½" hose accessory kit, you will have everything you need to use your VERSAX pump for fire fighting. Total fire hose length is 300 feet. Includes ...
  • Suction Hose -- Tigerflex 2" x 20 ft. with NPSH threaded coupler
  • Foot valve -- heavy duty with external pressure release
  • Discharge Hose -- 300 ft. of 1½" polyester lay-flat hose with NPSH threaded or forestry quick connect couplers. (typically 2x100' & 2x50')
  • Nozzle -- Lexan 1575 with fog-to-stream-to-off adjustment
  • All required adapters -- including thread protector for suction port
  • Hand primer pump
  • Wrenches -- two coupling wrenches
Note: Forestry Quick Connect couplers are recommended for most remote applications.

Click to view VERSAX Hose Accessory Kit

AVHK300 VERSAX Hose Accessory Kit
$1095.00 Cdn

The Hose Accessory Kit allows for the use of 1 nozzle. Your pump can support 2 or possibly more simultaneous nozzles. To enable a 2nd nozzle, you must split the hose-lay using a wye type fitting and then attach a second nozzle. A simple solution is a 3-way valve (A4050QC3), a 1.5" adjustable nozzle (NL1575N), and an FQC adapter (A6394). It is possible that additional hose may be required to support a dual nozzle operation.

VERSAX™ Portable Cart Kit

VERSAX on Cart

For those wishing a fire fighting system that is easy to wheel into position, we have the VERSAX pump mounted on a 2 wheel hand cart.

It comes complete with a 16 ft. suction hose & foot valve; 100' of 1.5" forest service quality fire hose, adjustable Lexan nozzle with pistol-grip shut-off, — and hose storage pouch.

Although this product has been designed for fire fighting purposes, don't overlook other water movement applications. These include landscape irrigation (watering); dust control; pressure washing of docks, decks, & recreational vehicles; filling pools, hot tubs, water storage tanks; or draining flooded areas. By using your system for many purposes, you will not only realize added value, but you will keep both your equipment and yourself in tune and ready for action.

Note: This is a manufacturer configured kit. Some of the included components may be different from those available elsewhere on this site.

View VERSAX Cart Kit Data Sheet PDF document

Manual recoil start
VERSAX 6 hp Fire Pump
Cart Kit
$2,245 Cdn
Out of Stock
Manual recoil start
VERSAX 9 hp Fire Pump
Cart Kit
$2,990 Cdn
Out of Stock
Electric/Recoil start
VERSAX 9 hp Fire Pump
Cart Kit
$3,595 Cdn
Out of Stock

Although we are out of stock on the factory version of the Cart Kit, one can be created by combining Versax pump (PVS2-6W or PVS2-9W) with the Wheel Kit below and a Versax Hose Accessory Kit.

VERSAX™ Wheel Kit

Wheel Kit

By adding a Wheel Kit to your wrap-around frame Versax pump (6W, 9W, and 9EW models), you will have a cart pump like the one shown immediately above (excluding the attachments). You get the wheels that bolt on to the existing frame; welded frame riser component; dual compartment accessory pouch; hardware package and assembly instructions. One end of the existing pump frame moves up to become the cart handle.

Wheels are 'No Flat' with 10" diameter and 3" tread width. Pouch is of sewn sturdy vinyl and polyester mesh construction with velcro & nylon straps with plastic buckles. Some assembly required.

A600593 Wheel Kit for Versax Pumps $295 Cdn

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