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Placing Orders & Payment Options

    Transactions with a value of $5,000 (Cdn) or less can be made on-line using VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER credit cards. These transactions are processed immediately and you will be notified in a matter of seconds if accepted by the credit card company. You must provide a valid email address in order to use this method. This address is used to deliver the details of your transaction as well as provide a contact should there be any questions or concerns regarding your order. It is used only for business associated with us and we do not make mailing lists available to other organizations.
    Please Note: For credit card security reasons, orders may not be accepted from certain email addresses that have been identified as being associated with fraudulent activity.


    If you wish to make a payment or a purchase that cannot otherwise be entered through this website, then go to Make Payments.   Please use this area only when advised to do so.            Click here go to the Make Payments page.


    For orders over $5,000 (Cdn) or if you prefer to avoid exposing your credit card information to the internet, then choose one of the following:
    1. Submit your order using the on-line ordering process and then choose to provide your credit card information by telephone. A Canadian toll-free number will be made available for that purpose. (Please see the Contacting Us section regarding telephone communication.) Your credit card information will then be forwarded to InternetSecure Inc., our credit card processing partner. At all times, the security of your credit card information is of paramount importance.
    2. Make your selections from the catalog and then print the order form on your computer. You can then mail a copy to us along with your credit card information or other form of payment. Unfortunately, this method will result a delay of several days due the speed of 'snail mail'.

    Please do not send credit card information by email.


    You are encouraged to make your selections from the catalog using the shopping cart process. This provides a full opportunity to see the product line and obtain information about the items of interest. Also, you have ongoing access to your selections and can see both the items and the total cart value. At any time, you can change selections or completely abandon the process. You are only committed to a purchase when you submit payment.

    When you have finished making selections, you have the opportunity to choose the method for submitting your order. The completed order form can be printed on your computer then mailed to us with payment. As soon as we receive your order, and pending validation of payment, shipment will be made.


    If you find the concept of electronic commerce overwhelming, or there are just too many products to choose from, don't fret. We pride ourselves in making your shopping experience as painless as possible. Send us an email -- give us a call -- we can help.

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