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Viper Professional Nozzle

Viper Professional Nozzles

Viper nozzles are available in a variety models. The SG series is very popular as it provides 4 different gallonage settings that remain consistant throughout various patterns from stream to fog. Is constructed of E-LITE alloy that is lightweight, hard coated and durable. Designed with a pistol grip and uses a sturdy polymer shut off handle. These are the same high performance nozzles that are used by fire departments across the country. NFPA 1964 compliant. Warranted by the manufacturer to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase. Available with female NPSH swivel coupling. Can be used with foam systems.

VIPER SG-1560 (1")

15-30-50-60 gpm
(50-125-200-230 lpm)
Wt. 3½ lb.           Length: 7.87"
Stock # NVSG1560         $619Cdn

Out of Stock
VIPER SG-3012 (1½")

30-60-95-125 gpm
(115-230-360-475 lpm)
Wt. 4.3 lb.         Length: 8.85"
Stock # NVSG3012       $619Cdn

Out of Stock

Repair Kits

We also provide repair kits for your Viper nozzle. These kits include replacement parts for those most frequently damaged and worn during use. If you are considering repairing your own Viper nozzle, please be aware that there are special tools and techniques required in the assembly & disassembly of the units. We can refer you to a shop in the Toronto area that is able to provide that service.

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