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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Do I Need A Fire Pump?

Do I Need A Fire Pump?

Burning Cottage Fire can strike anyone, anywhere without warning. Everyone knows that the first few minutes of a fire situation are critical. Get everyone to safety -- call the fire department -- and everything will be OK ... well ... that is not always the case.

Don't count on the rest of the world to save your day. With a home fire fighting system, you can take action and slow down the fire's progress, protect nearby structures, and perhaps put the fire out. It is possible that assistance may be delayed due to weather, communications systems failure, inaccessibility, inaccurate directions ... or, the fire department might be busy with other situations. There is only so much equipment and manpower. What if you are on an island?

Summer brings all types of fire hazards. Our woods, lakes & rivers attract cottagers, hikers, fishermen, campers, sightseers, etc. -- many of whom do not appreciate the fire risks around them. The tossed cigarette, the abandoned campfire, careless burning, lightning, vehicle sparks -- all potential sources for fire. If you spend a lot of time in remote areas, the chances are great that you will encounter the fire while it is small and controllable -- if you have the tools.

Realistically, most people will never face a destructive fire. Many cottages, however, are located in or on the fringe of forest fire country where the possibility of a wildfire is more real than you might wish to admit. If (or when) you are faced with one in your area, are you going to ignore it and hope it will go away? With a fire pump system, you can give yourself a chance of preserving your bit of paradise. Wildfires constantly launch burning embers that travel out from the heart of the fire. Just being able to wet your area down and dealing with those rogue embers, may spare your property from destruction.

A home fire fighting system is insurance -- your peace of mind -- your ability to have some control. Don't count on others. Protect yourself.

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