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Mark-3 Fire Pump

Mark-3® Fire Pump    Out of Stock

It is called the "Mark-3", but you may know it as the "Wajax pump", or the "Wildfire MK 3". Although it roots go back to 1925, the Mark-3 actually first appeared in 1964. Since that time it has been the pump of choice for forest fire crews around North America. Today, it is not hard to find Mark-3's that have been in service for more than 30 years.

For many years the Wajax company produced and marketed this potent product. With typical business evolution, the Mark-3 and its family of related products moved to the Wildfire organization and then onto Waterax. Today, under the Waterax label, R & D, production, warehousing, and marketing is based in Montreal, Quebec — solidly Canadian.

The Mark-3 is a powerful and lightweight pump capable of pressures beyond 350 psi and operating non-stop hour after hour in a hostile environment. It is not uncommon for it to move water more than a mile. You may see several pumps in tandem operation pushing water to higher elevations and distances of several miles. Under US Forest Service qualification testing, it passed the 100 hour non-stop requirement. A workhorse it is.

The engine is 2 stroke technology at 185 cc, producing 10 horsepower, and built by in Canada by Waterax. The 4 stage detachable pump end generates the high pressures that its assignments require. Weighing in at under 60 lb., it can be backpacked condiserable distances.

The Mark-3 pump is appropriate for demanding situations where higher pressures are required while maintaining flow rates. The high compression 2 stroke engine requires a fit and experienced operator to meet the physical operational demands. This pump is for professionals. It is a serious pump.

Performance Notes:

For large properties, or pumping to elevated and/or distant points, or if your situation requires maximum pressures and performance, then the Mark-3 pump should meet your needs. Used by professional wildland fire fighters, it has proven itself in the most extreme of conditions. Capable of 380 psi and weighing in at 59 lb., it provides upper-end performance along with easy transport. The high performance 2 stroke engine operating from auxiliary fuel tank can pump indefinitely without interruption.

Length:  23"    (58 cm)
Width:  12"    (31 cm)
Height:  16¼"    (41cm)
Weight:  58.3 lbs    (26.4 kg)
Suction:  2" NPSH    (51mm)
Discharge:  1½" NPSH    (38mm)
Type:  Waterax 185cc, 2 cycle
Horsepower:  10 HP
Fuel:  Unleaded — 50:1 oil ratio
Displacement:  11.29 in.3 (185 cc)
Ignition:  Ducati CDI
Fuel Tank:  External

Pump Specifications
Type:  Detachable centrifugal, direct drive
/w quick release pump clamp
Body:  Anodized corrosive resistant aluminum
Seal:  Blister resistant mechanical rotary seal
Impellers:  4 (4 stage)
Shaft:  Stainless steel
Bearings:  Sealed maintenance free
Flow Rates
free flow 98 371
100 78 295
150 65 246
250 38 144

Mark-3® Performance Curve
Mark-3 Performance Chart

View Mark-3 Data Sheet here PDF document(919 KB).

All Mark-3 models listed below come with Mercury style fuel connectors
Mark-3 Fire Pump
Standard model
$5,550 Cdn
Out of Stock
Mark-3 Fire Pump
/w thread protectors
$5,595 Cdn
Out of Stock
Mark-3 Fire Pump
/w air transport fuel can & t. protectors
$5,950 Cdn
Out of Stock

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Note to Prospective Purchasers:
The Waterax Mark-3® fire fighting pump is a professional level product using a powerful 2 cycle engine. It is recommended that operators have fire fighting background and/or experience with high compression, high performance 2 stroke engines, and be prepared for the resulting physical demands. It is not recommended for the general consumer public.

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