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Escape Ladders

We are ceasing our business operations in the coming months. Items on this page are no longer available.

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Kidde's Strongest Emergency Escape Ladder

Escape Ladder Escape Ladder

Everybody's worst nightmare -- to wake up in the middle of the night with flames blocking your exit! Every bedroom above the ground floor should have an emergency escape ladder to enable occupants to reach safety in the few seconds available. In cottage country, you cannot count on others -- help will come too late if at all!

The Kidde Emergency escape ladder is 16" wide and rated at 1000 lb. It is packaged so as to easily hook over window ledges of varying widths (maximum of 11" or .28m) and deploy quickly without tangling. Compact and easily stored, the ladder can be placed under the bed or in a nearby closet for quick access.

As with all emergency plans, cottages should not be overlooked and regular fire drills should be part of your vacation picture. Include "blocked exit" scenarios in those drills and be sure that everyone knows how to exit quickly and safely.

Stock # Item Ladder
Maximum Window
Height Above Ground
RKL2S 2 Story 13' 14' $59.00
Out of Stock
RKL3S 3 Story 25' 26' $139.00
Out of Stock

The manufacturer recommends that the ladders not be used from window heights greater than the maximums listed above. Injury could result.

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