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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Turn Key Solutions

We are ceasing our business operations in the coming months. Items on this page are no longer available.

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Cottage Kits

Cottage Kit

The "Home & Cottage Protection Kits" by Mercedes Textiles and introduced in 2001, have been discontinued. However, their concept lives on with a new generation of kit moving forward.

The "Cottage Kits", as they were generally known, proved to be economical, simple and reliable — properties valued by those a bit outside of reliable municipal fire service coverage. Not only were they sources of 'piece-of-mind', but also hard workers for casual irrigation, pressure washing and cleaning of decks, docks and cottage toys. And yes, on a moment's notice, were quick responders to a nearby fire emergency.

For many, these kits were an ideal way to get a simple, easy-to-operate turn-key system for basic fire protection. A true family asset. As an entry level product, it was perfect for the novice or those with limited abilities — suitable for ages 8 to 80. This system was not a toy. The components were of professional quality — the same as used by wildland fire crews.

With its excellent track record, the Cottage Kit will live on in a new incarnation. This next generation kit has all of the features and qualities of the original, but has been reworked for greater value, ease of use and improved performance.

Some Practical Uses For Your Cottage Kit...
  • Forest fire protection
  • Control camp or grass fires
  • Cottage or Home fire protection. 
    • Wildfire
    • Lightning strikes
    • Campfires
    • Smoking
    • Overheated wood stoves
  • Watering your lawn and garden
  • High Pressure cleaning applications, such as:
    • Car
    • Boat
    • ATV
    • Patio, walkway, siding
  • Filling your cottage reservoir, hot tub or pool
  • And many other applications

Cottage Kit "A"

At the heart of each of the kits is the lightweight portable fire pump weighing under 20 lb. -- being very easy to start because of their unique clutch operation. Kit "A" is a simple system that will be sure to economically satisfy many owners of smaller properties that are looking for basic fire protection and general grounds applications. Looking to support 2 or 3 rooftop sprinklers? It is up to the task. With additional options, connection can be made to garden hoses and sprinklers.

NOTE: This product can ship by Canada Post

  • Wick 80-4HA™ (4 stroke) or Wickman 100G™ (2 stroke) all position high pressure fire pump
  • Intake hose -- 1½" x 10'
  • Robust economical footvalve & strainer for suction hose
  • 225 ft. of 1½" forest service quality fire hose (various lengths) with ¼ turn forestry Quick Connect couplings
  • Lexan Quick Connect fog/stream nozzle
  • Hand primer pump for priming the system
  • 2 coupling wrenches
  • All required connectors, adapters and fittings
With this system, you are equally ready to deal with that unexpected fire or your parched landscape.

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Cottage Kit components

These kits provide everything that
you need to become operational.

(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "A"
with 1.6 hp Wick 80-4HA pump
$2,349.00 Out of Stock
(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "A"
with 2.4 hp Wickman 100G pump
$2,349.00 Out of Stock
(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "A"
with 2.4 hp Wickman 100G Remote Fuel
$2,499.00 Out of Stock

Cottage Kit "B"

      Note: This is a Kit "A" with a 3 way valve fitting and 2nd nozzle added.
(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "B"
with 1.6 hp Wick 80-4HA pump
$2,449.00 Out of Stock
(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "B"
with 2.4 hp Wickman 100G pump
$2,449.00 Out of Stock
(Stock #)
Home & Cottage Kit "B"
with 2.4 hp Wickman 100G /w Remote Fuel
$2,599.00 Out of Stock

What if my property pushes the limits for these kits?

View Video Of Wickman 100 In Action.

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