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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Complete Fire Pump Kits For Home Fire Fighting

Home Fire Fighting Pump Kits
For Home, Cottage, Lodge, Farm, Camp

The following are "off the shelf" packages that would be appropriate for a typical cottage or small home application. Each includes a portable high pressure fire pump designed for fire fighting (not a low performing dewatering or trash pump). Also included are several lengths of 1½" discharge hose, suction hose and strainer/foot valve, adjustable fog/stream nozzle, primer pump and all required adapters, etc. Everything is included to get you operational. All you have to do is to provide fuel and a water supply -- fire is optional. These are basic starter packages that will be adequate for many situations. Additional hoses and other accessories can be added at any time to extend your abilities.

These packages make excellent swimming pool fire fighting systems for high risk and high value residential properties.

Cottage Fire Protection Kits

Cottage Kit
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Kit 'A' $2,295 Cdn
Simple, easy to use and lightweight system with single nozzle. Highly portable. Expandable. Uses also include washing boats and decks, watering of landscaping, filling reservoirs, etc. Ideal for smaller properties.

Stock # KAW80-4HA, KAW100

Cottage Kit
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Kit 'B' $2,450 Cdn
Similar to Kit 'A' above but expanded to support dual nozzles. Allows firefighting on 2 fronts or simultaneous activities such as cleaning and landscape watering.

Stock # KBW80-4HA, KBW100

MiniStriker -- with Hose Kit from $2,220 Cdn
Mini-Striker pump
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The Mini-Striker pump by Waterax is an easy-to-operate 4 stroke entry level fire pump. It is highly portable and suitable for modest properties settings. It can easily support 500' of hose and work to elevations of 40' or more while delivering a respectable 1½" water stream.

When paired with the hose accessory kit (# AMSHK250), you will have a ready-to-deploy fire fighting package operable by ages 8 to 80.

Stock # KMSTR-PKIT (Pump with hose package)

Goliath -- with Hose Kit from $2690 Cdn
Goliath pump
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Goliath pumps by CET are appropriate for applications with needs beyond a basic fire pump. They are suitable for property located considerably above water supply level or to protect tall trees or high structures. With a choice of 6 or 9 hp Honda 4 stroke engines powering a 2 stage pump, Goliath pumps are capable of delivering water to those higher points.

Although producing pressures to 150 psi (347 ft. lift) and flows to 110 GPM (413 l/m), these easy to start pumps can be operated by healthy individuals ages 12 and up.

Stock # PGP65M, PGP65E, PGP90M, PGP90E + AGHK300


VERSAX -- with Hose Kit from $2690 Cdn
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The VERSAX® Series is line of versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pumps powered by a 6 hp or 9 hp Honda engine. They offer superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance and at an elevation.

The VERSAX is an ideal pump for general civilian use due to its easy reliable operation with pressures to 150 psi and flow rates to 100 US gpm (397 L/min). A good choice to feed several sprinklers with additional hand-held fire suppression capabilities.

Stock # PVS2-6P, PVS2-6W, PVS2-9P, PVS2-9W, PVS2-9EW + AGHK300


Rancher -- From $4,895 Cdn
Rancher Slip-On Unit
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The Rancher Slip-On unit is designed to enable your Gator or other ATV to supervise a planned burning operation; quickly respond to a fire emergency; or provide fire fighting capability in areas where larger vehicle may not be able to access. You will also find it a valuable tool for farm activities as well as other general tasks within your community.

It uses the Mini-Striker fire pump and either a 65 or 125 US gallon on-board water tank for a quick mobile attack. With an optional Scotty foam system, enhanced fire suppression is possible. Includes 50 ft of ¾" booster hose /w nozzle on a hose reel. Capable of drawing water from an open source and supporting other fire hose through standard ports.

Stock # KRANCH65, KRANCH125

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