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Hoses — General Information

Hoses are available in a wide variety of sizes and construction -- most of which are specific to their application. Our primary focus is on fire fighting and fire protection for rural and remote locations -- mainly in areas known as Cottage Country.

High Pressure Suction HoseSuction hoses are used for the drawing (drafting) water from a lake, river, pond, pool, etc. to feed a water pump. These must be rigid and able to maintain their profile without collapsing as they operate in a negative pressure environment.

Discharge hoses are used to deliver water from the pump to its destination. Usually they are of a woven fabric (normally polyester) with a smooth plastic or rubber internal lining. Industrial Firehose These collapse flat and can be compactly coiled for transport and storage. A rigid style (booster hose), although not as common, can be used and should be stored on a spool. The advantage is that it can be constantly charged and and ready for use.

Forestry hoses are specially designed for dealing with fires involving trees, grass and brush -- often in rugged terrain. They must be light, strong and economical. The usual length of a section is 100' with weights in the 8-12 lb. range. Most do not require drying after use -- however, removing excess moisture would be wise for many reasons. For storage and transportation, they collapse flat and then can be rolled into small diameter coils.

Firebreak II FirehoseForestry hoses come in 2 types -- weeping and non-weeping. A weeping hose, such as FireBreak II, allows a small amount of moisture to seep through the wall to make it damp on the exterior.  (You will not see water spurting from the hose.) This tends to keep the hose cooler and more resistant to damage from flying embers, radiant heat and hot surfaces.

Forestream Firehose A non-weeping hose, such as Forestream, remains dry to the touch but provides lower protection for itself from fire hazards. Both types of hoses have a similar appearance -- only a trained eye can tell the difference.

Industrial/Municipal hose is used by fire departments and commercial concerns in a more urban environment. Everfort HoseUsual applications are for structural fire fighting or temporary water movement.

Guardn'Flo® Patrol HosePatrol hoses are small diameter hoses used for low water needs. Forestry applications include dealing with spot fires, mop-up or protecting the hose lay from hot spots and flying embers. Garden style (¾") and 1" sizes are normally used.

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