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Suction (Drafting) Hoses
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Suction Hoses -- Low Pressure

Low Pressure Suction Hose The suction hose conducts the water from the source (lake, river, pond, etc.) to the pump. It should be a short as possible and be able to resist collapsing. Also, it should be protected from external crushing and kinking situations when in service or in storage. Lengths should be kept under 25' -- with 10' being ideal -- but may not be practical if drawing water from sources with difficult access.

Our standard hoses are of a rugged PVC construction in lengths of 8', 10', 12' & 20'. One end may use a CamLok quick connector or a choice of female threaded fittings for attachment to the pump.The other end typically has a threaded male fitting (NPT or NPSH) for attaching the strainer/foot valve (this is the end that drops into the water). Do not overlook the footvalve. You do not want to suck in debris that will clog the line and damage the pump. The intake of foreign matter can ruin your pump very quickly! Even if your source is clean (like a swimming pool), the strainer will prevent the hose from grabbing the bottom or the liner or a toy and stopping the water flow. For open water sources, use of a intake filter is recommended.

Coupling Considerations For Suction Hoses

Threaded Shank Couplers -- NPSH

These are common on hoses used for industrial purposes. The hose is fitted with the male coupler on one end and female on the other. Normally, it will attach directly to both the pump and footvalve/strainer. The connections are slow to make as they require a wrench to get a tight fit. Also, the possibility of cross-threading is an issue as connection often occurs in a crisis situation. When choosing threaded couplings for suction hoses, a thread protector should be installed on the pump.

Expansion Ring Couplers -- NPSH

This is the traditional firehose coupling technique normally used on discharge hoses. It is similar to the shank couplers above but is a higher quality attachment. The coupler is installed at the factory using modern specialized machinery to secure the fabric hose to the fitting. This is available only on our 1½" suction hoses and will probably take a day or two longer to provide. We use lightweight Pyrolite NPSH fittings but brass and some other thread standards can be special ordered.


The CamLok coupler is not normally used for fire fighting applications. It is a highly respected fitting in agricultural and industrial settings. Although it is considered to be a positive and reliable means of coupling, it is a bit bulky and and has moving parts that can wear or become damaged in time. It may require a bit more physical effort, particularly when new or in the cold, and sometimes it may 'bite' tender hands. No tools are required when connecting. The CamLok coupler can be used for 2" suction hoses and most 1½" suction hoses but with age, wear or dirt, can generate loss of prime scenarios. The suction port of the pump will require a mating adapter fitting, usually a male Part 'A'. CamLok fittings are not suggested (actually, should never be used) for discharge hoses for fire fighting purposes.


For most fire fighting applications, threaded connections are recommended for 1½" and 2" suction hoses.

Poly Suction Hoses

Poly Suction HoseOur standard suction hose for most situations. Is partially transparent so you can see the water inside. It can be ordered with male threaded nipples on both ends or your choice of coupling methods. Custom orders can be accommodated.

1½" Suction Hose

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2" Suction Hose

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High Pressure Suction Hoses

Standard High Pressure Suction Hose

High Pressure Suction Hose          A quality, crush resistant, high pressure hose designed for centrifugal pumps. Extremely flexible. Available in 2" x 10' NPSH with threaded couplings. A popular hose for use with high pressure pumps including the Mark-3, Wick-375 and the Wick 250. Used in wildland operations.

H400178 Standard Suction Hose $159.00Cdn Qty: Out of Stock

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