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Pumping System Handbook.

Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook
by Jason Gogal, P.Eng

We came across the 1st edition of the Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook a couple of years back and were able to provide input for the 2nd edition published in 2016. A year later and with more input and real-life experience, the 3rd edition was released. In 2018, the 4th edition provides updated and more comprehensive information.

The handbook is intended as a resource for anyone looking to defend their remote property in the event of fire ... both wildfire or one more localized. For those just getting started, the handbook delves into the basics of wildfire protection and also looks into guidelines, strategies and products available. Specifically, the do's & don'ts provided are critical — these can make or break your efforts. It is also an excellent reference for those wishing to upgrade and enhance existing systems.

A major focus is on roof-top sprinkler protection and what is required to make it effective. Sprinklers are one of the oldest tools out there, but recent enhancements in products and implementation strategies have brought the technique to the forefront. Did you realize that an effective sprinkler system will provide a 90% chance of escaping catastrophic loss in a wildfire event?

The author is based in Western Canada where he consults and advises municipalities, companies and private individuals on what it takes to survive a wildfire event. You may contact him by email at to provide feedback on his handbook,to engage his services, or just ask questions.

Click here to download:

Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook, 4th Edition
(37 pages, 2,431 KB) by Jason Gogal, P.Eng.

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