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Goliath Pumps by CET

We are ceasing our business operations in the coming months. Items on this page are no longer available.

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Goliath Pumps From $1,750 Cdn

Goliath Pump

Goliath pumps are made in Canada by CET Fire Pump MFG. They feature reliable Honda power driving a dual stage wet end capable of pressures to 150 psi (347 ft. lift). Weighing in the 70 to 90 lb. range, the pumps are quite portable and an excellent choice for properties with needs beyond a basic fire pump.

Goliath pumps are available in 6 hp. and 9 hp models with your choice of manual or electric start. They come with the standard sled style base as shown above. Designed specifically for fire fighting applications, they should not be confused with trash or transfer pumps.

A real fire ... First Person Experience.

Pump Specifications:

  • CET dual stage centrifugal pump -- manufactured in Canada.
  • Pump body made from aluminum for reduced weight.
  • Aluminum impeller
  • Mechanical shaft seal
  • Self priming system
  • Discharge ports -- 2 @ 1" (25 mm) & 1 @ 1½" (38 mm) NPSH
  • Suction port -- 1 @ 1½" NPSH
  • Flappered inlet
  • Other thread standards by special order

Engine Specifications:

  • Honda 6 hp GX200 or 9 hp GX270 air cooled 4 cycle engine.
  • Electronic ignition
  • Low oil alert
  • Manual recoil start
  • Electric start model includes manual recoil start as backup
  • EPA/CARB compliant
  • Honda 3 year manufacturer limited warranty for non-commercial applications

Dimensions (Approx.)
  Goliath 6 HP Goliath 9 HP
Length:  19"   (48 cm) 20"   (51 cm)
Width:  16"   (41 cm) 17"   (43 cm)
Height:  16"   (41 cm) 17"   (43 cm)
Weight:  70 lbs   (32 kg) 85 lbs   (39 kg)
Fuel Tank:  1.5 gal.    (5.7 l.) 1.7 gal.    (6 l.)
Note:   Electric start option adds about 10 lb. plus weight of battery.

Goliath 6 HP Goliath 9 HP
 Goliath Performance Graph  Goliath Performance Graph

Goliath 6 hp Data Sheet PDF document
Goliath 9 hp Data Sheet PDF document

Operational Notes:

  • Pump should be placed at water's edge or within 20 ft. vertical distance.
  • Can supply multiple hoses by using available discharge ports or a wye.
  • Suitable for property located considerably above water supply level or to protect tall trees or high structures. Is capable of delivering water to those higher points.
  • Is self priming within a few minutes -- but manual priming is recommended to reduce overall time required to get water and minimize wear on the pump.
  • Easy to operate -- suitable for healthy individuals ages 12 and up with training.
  • The Honda 4 stroke engine is very easy to start -- even in cooler weather. Often starts on the first pull.

Select your pump ...
PGP65M Goliath 6 HP /w Recoil Start
Standard sled base
$1,750 Cdn
Out of Stock
PGP65E Goliath 6 HP Electric Start
Standard sled base
$2,575 Cdn
Out of Stock
PGP90M Goliath 9 HP /w recoil Start
Standard sled base
$2,395 Cdn
Out of Stock
PGP90E Goliath 9 HP Electric Start
Standard sled base
$3,195 Cdn
Out of Stock

1½" Hose Accessory Kit
$995 Cdn

With the addition of this 1½" hose accessory kit, you will have everything you need to use your Goliath pump for fire fighting. Total fire hose length is 300 feet. Includes ...
  • Suction Hose -- Tigerflex 1½" x 20 ft. with NPSH threaded coupler
  • Foot valve -- heavy duty with external pressure release
  • Discharge Hose -- 300 ft. of 1½" polyester lay-flat hose with NPSH threaded or forestry quick connect couplers
  • Nozzle -- Lexan 1575 with fog-to-stream-to-off adjustment
  • All required adapters -- including thread protector for suction port
  • Hand primer pump
  • Wrenches -- two coupling wrenches
Note: Forestry Quick Connect couplers are recommended for most remote applications.

Click to view Goliath Hose Accessory Kit

AGHK300 Goliath Hose Accessory Kit
$995 Cdn Out of Stock

The Hose Accessory Kit allows for the use of 1 nozzle. Your pump can support 2 or possibly more simultaneous nozzles. To enable a 2nd nozzle, you must split the hose-lay using a wye type fitting and then attach a second nozzle. A simple solution is a 3-way valve (A4050QC3), a 1.5" adjustable nozzle (NL1575N), and an FQC adapter (A6394). It is possible that additional hose may be required to support a dual nozzle operation.

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