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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

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We strongly recommend that all suction hoses drawing from an open water supply use a combination footvalve - strainer fitting and an intake filter. Strainer only fittings are not available on this website.

Hanflo Foot valve & strainer -- 1½"&2" NPT


Hanflo Foot Valve & Strainer

Female 1½" or 2" female NPT combination foot valve and strainer. Made of high quality glass fibre reinforced nylon with nitrile rubber and stainless steel internal components. Easily serviced in the field. Suitable for potable water use. Prevents debris from entering and clogging or damaging the pump while maintaining pump prime.

Foot Valve & Strainer
1½" NPT
Cdn $33.00
Out of Stock
Foot Valve & Strainer
2" NPT
Cdn $59.00
Foot valve & strainer -- 1.5 in. NPSH

Foot Valve & Strainer — 1½" NPSH

Female 1½" combination foot valve and strainer. Made of annodized aluminum. Heavy duty. Prevents debris from entering and clogging or damaging the pump while maintaining pump prime. Manufactured by Kochek.

Foot Valve & Strainer
1½" NPSH
Cdn $129.00
Foot valve & strainer -- 2 in. female NPSH

Foot Valve & Strainer — 2" NPSH

Two inch female aluminum foot valve and strainer designed for use with high pressure centrifugal pumps. The check valve is spring loaded to ensure instantaneous closure, and also features an external pressure release. The strainer is made of stainless steel for longer life.

Foot Valve & Strainer
NPSH Fittings
Cdn $138.00
Filter Assembly

2 Pack Filter Bags
Intake Filter

A 200 micron polypropylene felt bag 5" in diameter by 22" long over a rigid support. Insert foot valve end of intake hose into filter assembly and secure with the provided drawstring to allow intake to rest on bottom. Keeps out the nasties that will damage your pump and/or stop water flow. Rinses clean. With casual use and care, a filter bag can last several seasons. Keep a spare on hand.

Order Filter Assembly consisting of 1 filter bag and re-useable support frame or 2 Pack of filter bags only.
Assembly will not fit 2" Hanflo foot valve # AHFV050.
Filter Assembly
Cdn $19.00
2 Pack Filter Bags
Cdn $20.00

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