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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Floto-Pump by Waterous For Home Fire Fighting


The FlotoPump has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is no longer available.

Floto-Pump Fire Pump

The Waterous Floto-Pump has a dry weight of 42 pounds, is self priming, and operates in as little as six inches of water. Durable, powerful, and easy to maintain, it is the clear choice for a quick response to fires in inaccessible areas. It is also an excellent swimming pool fire pump for high risk and high value residential properties. Developed to meet the rugged demands of the United States Forest Service, the Floto-Pump is easily carried by one person.

It is available in two models -- Standard and High Pressure (Forest Service). The Standard Floto produces maximum pressures of 105 psi (240' lift) while the High Pressure Floto throws a stream of water over 85 feet (26 m) at 170 psi (392' lift). Although developed for the fire service, the Floto-Pump is also used for marine service, dewatering, pool maintenance, environmental clean-up and irrigation.

Floto-Pump Specifications:

  • Standard model -- pressures to 105 psi (240' lift) and flows to 140 GPM (530 L/min)
  • High-pressure model -- to 170 psi (392 ft. lift) and flows to 60 GPM (230 l/min)
  • 8 hp (134 cc) U.S. Motor Power "Power Bee" 2 stroke air-cooled engine
  • Solid state ignition
  • "D" handle recoil starter
  • Automatic float controlled throttle
  • Pressure carburetor with integral fuel pump
  • 5 qt. (4.7 ltr.) fuel tank gives 1 to 1.5 hours running time on unleaded gas/oil mix
  • Water-resistant air cleaner and muffler
  • Single stage pump
  • Anodized aluminum pump casing with built-in intake screen
  • Standard model has bronze impeller
  • Forestry model has Ni-resist wear rings on aluminum impeller
  • Discharge port 1.5" male NPSH -- other threads available
  • U.S. Forest Service Qualified Specification S100-00275

Operational Notes:

  • For property located considerably above water supply level or to protect tall trees or high structures -- the Floto−Pump™ High Pressure is capable of delivering water to those higher points.
  • The Floto−Pump™ uses an 8 hp two cycle engine. In comparison with smaller pumps that we offer, it does require greater effort to start -- may be a challenge for some individuals.
  • Pump floats on water's surface.
  • Requires relatively calm water. Wave action can cause operational difficulties.
  • The Floto−Pump™ does not require a suction hose or foot valve.
  • The pump self primes within a few seconds.
  • The standard model is most frequently used for water transfer, while the high pressure (forestry) model is the fire fighting choice.
  • Hearing protection is advised ... rated at 107db.

Length:  28"    (71 cm)
Width:  20"    (52 cm)
Height:  16"    (41 cm)
Weight:  42 lbs    (19 kg)
Suction:  Built-in intake screen
Discharge:  1½" NPSH    (38 mm)
Type:  Two cycle
Horsepower:  8 HP
Fuel Mixture:  24:1
Cylinder:  Chrome plated
Ignition:  Solid state
Fuel Tank:  5 quart (4.7 litre)

Floto−Pump™ Standard Floto−Pump™ Forestry
140 GPM (530 l/m) @ 30 psi 60 GPM (230 l/m) @ 35 psi
80 GPM (300 l/m) @ 80 psi 30 GPM (115 l/m) @ 130 psi
10 GPM (40 l/m) @ 105 psi 10 GPM (40 l/m) @ 170 psi

 Floto-Pump Performance Graph

PFP105 Floto−Pump™ Standard - NPSH $5,495.00 Cdn
Out of stock
PFP170 Floto−Pump™ Forestry - NPSH
$5,495.00 Cdn
Out of stock

We do not carry stock on FlotoPumps. Are shipped direct from the USA factory upon order. Availability is about 3 weeks.


1½" Hose Accessory Kit $895 Cdn

With the addition of this hose accessory kit, you will have everything you need to use your Floto−Pump™ for fire fighting. Total fire hose length is 325 feet. Included --
  • Discharge Hose -- heavy duty 25 ft. by 1.5" to attach to pump ... NPSH threaded couplers
  • Discharge Hose -- 300 ft. of 1.5 " standard duty forestry hose with NPSH threaded or forestry quick connect couplers
  • Nozzle -- Lexan 1575 with fog-to-stream-to-off adjustment
  • All required adapters including thread protector for discharge port
  • Wrenches -- two coupling wrenches
Note: Quick connect couplers are recommended for most cottage or camp applications.

AFHK325 Floto−Pump™ Hose Accessory Kit $895.00 Cdn Out of stock

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