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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Information About Fire Extinguishers

What About Fire Extinguishers?

What About Fire Extinguishers?

      As a first line of defense, fire extinguishers have proven themselves over the years. They are quick to deploy, portable, easy to use (even for a child), and very affordable. However, availability at the scene of the fire is a problem. Commercial establishments usually have adequate fire extinguishers appropriately positioned for an emergency ... but most homes do not. Across the country, fewer than 50% of private residences have an operable fire extinguisher ... and very few have more than one. The situation for vacation homes is even worse.

Fire extinguishers work effectively if available and used before the fire gets well established. Realistically, the first burst from the extinguisher frequently misses the target. Also, most extinguishers have a life of less than 30 seconds. Therefore it is imperative to detect fires early, act quickly with fire extinguishers, and be prepared with extended capabilities such as a fire pump. Remember, municipal fire services may be many minutes (or even hours) away. Unless you act decisively, their efforts may be futile.

For more information on fire extinguishers and their use, visit Oklahoma State University for their Fire Extinguisher Training Tutorial.

Our thanks to Doug Smith, of Savary Island, BC VFD for providing this link.

Which Fire Extinguisher Is For Me?

(2½ lb.)
For vehicles such as cars, boats, tractors, ATV's, snowmobiles -- perhaps mounting in passenger area. Comes with secure vehicle mounting bracket. USCG Approved for marine use.
(2½ lb.)
Same unit as above but with wall bracket. Ideal for inobtrusive kitchen mounting. Light in weight and a good choice for Seniors.
(5 lb.)
Larger version of EABC-025V with vehicle mounting bracket. USCG approved -- very popular with boating crowd.
(5 lb.)
Same unit as previous but with wall mounting bracket. A very popular unit that is effective and still easily manovered. Can be placed in any room -- the kitchen, garage, basement, boathouse, out-building, etc.
(10 lb.)
This extinguisher speaks with authority. Consider one on each floor of house, in the garage, shop, barn, boathouse, etc. Comes with a wall mounting bracket.
(20 lb.)
Ideal for areas where combustibles and/or fuel is stored -- such as on the fuel dock, boathouse. Comes with wall mounting bracket.
(30 lb.)
Similar to previous. Is a potent fire extinguisher but you don't want to have to run any distance with this one. Consider this one for the dock if you have large or multiple boats. Comes with wall mounting bracket.

A Word About The Shipping of Fire Extinguishers...

For transportation purposes, pressurized fire extinguishers are classed as Dangerous Goods. Some carriers will not transport such products. Commercial carriers who do, must provide special handling procedures and, as a result, charge additional fees. Additionally, some carriers require that the shipment travel by air to distant addresses. These circumstances seriously impact small orders.

To ship by commercial carrier, the 'Dangerous Goods' charge is typically $35 on top of the regular by-air rate. For example, a fire extinguisher shipped from Toronto to California may incur shipping charges of as much as $200. The positive side is that service is 24-48 hours.

Given this situation, we are adopting the following ...

  • We will no longer actively pursue this aspect of the market and encourage you to make your purchase from local hardware stores, home centres, etc. For large size or specialty units, we may be able to do something for you.
  • If fire extinguishers will form part of a larger fire protection package that we can provide, then we can probably be of help.
  • If you do wish for us to provide what you need, please contact us by email or telephone and we will go from there.
  • Generally speaking, delivery will not be provided unless you are located in the northern part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
If you are considering quantity orders or have some special circumstances, then please contact us and we will see what can be done. As always, we want to be able to serve you. We apologize for this situation -- unfortunately it is not something that we can control. We hope you understand.

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