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Information About Fire Extinguishers

What About Fire Extinguishers?

What About Fire Extinguishers?

      As a first line of defense, fire extinguishers have proven themselves over the years. They are quick to deploy, portable, easy to use (even for a child), and very affordable. However, availability at the scene of the fire is a problem. Commercial establishments usually have adequate fire extinguishers appropriately positioned for an emergency ... but most homes do not. Across the country, fewer than 50% of private residences have an operable fire extinguisher ... and very few have more than one. The situation for vacation homes is even worse.

Fire extinguishers work effectively if available and used before the fire gets well established. Realistically, the first burst from the extinguisher frequently misses the target. Also, most extinguishers have a life of less than 30 seconds. Therefore it is imperative to detect fires early, act quickly with fire extinguishers, and be prepared with extended capabilities such as a fire pump. Remember, municipal fire services may be many minutes (or even hours) away. Unless you act decisively, their efforts may be futile.

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