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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Doing Business With Us

What We Offer

Our on-line catalog lists the regular full product line for One Stop Fire Products Inc. The prices of items vary from a few dollars to several thousand. All prices are in Canadian dollars.   New items will be added to our product line from time to time. The products offered are of professional quality -- the same items used by firefighting crews around the world. Please note that (unless otherwise stated) our pumps are designed for firefighting purposes -- they are not trash or transfer pumps.

We are affiliated with several manufacturers and suppliers of fire fighting and related goods for Canadian and international markets. If there is something that you want but do not see, send us a message and we will see what we can do. If we cannot provide it, hopefully we can point you toward a source. We do not have a physical store but operate mainly via our Internet site here.

We do not perform installations -- we supply products for your use. We will gladly consult with you to advise on an appropriate strategy to meet your needs. If you wish an on-site evaluation and/or a written proposal, that can be arranged. Please be aware that there may be a consultation charge to include travel expenses and time involved. These charges may be partly or fully credited towards orders placed.

Shopping Methods

  1. Use our online catalog and shopping cart to make your selections and place your order.
  2. Browse this website and then contact us by email or telephone to answer any questions.
  3. Contact us and we will work with you to suggest or design a system to meet your needs.
  4. For those of you in Southern Ontario Cottage Country, on-site demonstrations are possible.
  5. We will gladly work with your Cottage Association to co-ordinate equipment and generate savings.


All items offered through One Stop Fire Products Inc. come with a limited warranty subject to the following:
  1. Manufacturer warranty conditions take precidence over any other statement made on this site or by any of our representatives.
  2. Generally speaking, the warranty period for most products is 1 year from the date of purchase. Briggs&Stratton provides 2 years on their engines. Honda provides 2 years for non-commercial and 3 months for commercial use.
  3. Warranties apply only with respect to defects in material and/or workmanship and do not extend to subsequent or consequential damage, loss of use or personal injury situations.
  4. Warranty claims will be recognized only from the original purchaser when validated by purchase documents.
  5. Warranties do not cover damages resulting from improper installation, storage and/or maintenance, neglect, misuse, negligence, or unauthorized use or repair/alteration of the product. Specifically, heat/flame, abraision, snag and rodent damage of hoses is not covered -- nor is damage to pumps resulting from the ingestion of foreign materials, running of the pump without water supply or flow, or failure to provide proper fuel or lubrication to engines.
  6. Warranty adjustments are limited only to the repair or replacement of items returned for evaluation.
  7. The validity of any warranty claim will be determined by the manufacturer and/or One Stop Fire Products Inc.


Other Information

  1. Effective October 1, 2021, we will no longer accept credit cards. Payment can be made by cheque, money order, e-Transfer or bank transfer. And yes, cash will still work.

  2. Our business relies heavily on email & the internet. Your valid email address is critical to our operations. For orders, we require a physical address as well as a telephone number.

  3. We reserve the right to refuse any order.

  4. It is our intention that all information contained in this site is accurate and current. However, our business is ever changing with constant product and price changes. This website cannot always keep up with reality. We ask that you bear with us and allow us the opportunity to make it right.

  5. Some products may not be exactly as illustrated or described in this site. In our efforts to bring these products to you quickly, some descriptions have been approximated. Also, product specifications do change due to technology improvements or supplier changes. We are refining these on an ongoing basis.

  6. Errors can occur. We reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing or alter product descriptions as necessary. The pricing in effect is that at the time the paid order arrives at our order desk.

  7. International Customers...
    Effective September 30, 2021, will no longer ship outside of Canada. Our apologies to the many USA customers that have interacted with us over the years. In a nutshell, cross-border shipping has turned into a nightmare. In recent months, shipping costs have escalated dramatically. Customs procedures have been changing by the day resulting in repeated resubmission of documentation and transit delays ... in one case, amounting to a month. Sorry, but we do not need that frustration as well as the additional costs.

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