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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Previously Owned

Previously Owned

Limited Quantities -- Subject To Prior Sale 

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Regarding the lots below...

These items were acquired from a liquidation inventory of a wildland fire training facility in Western Canada. Items are of professional quality— the same as that used by fire crews. All has been visually inspected and appear to be in working order. In general, equipment condition is considered to be quite good and capable of several more years of service. Age is estimated to be about 20 years.

Equipment has seen some field use and most recently having been used for training purposes. This is a job lot ... what you see is what you get ... no substitutions or subdividing. No warranty ... items are 'used'. Current new retail pricing was above $5,000.

FlotoPump High Pressure (Used)

One lot consisting of a High Pressure FlotoPump along with a box of miscellaneous accessories.

Although the FlotoPump is no longer being manufactured, the most recent retail pricing was above $5,000.

NOTE: The FlotoPump is not recommended for general consumer use. Operators should have previous experience or training with similar products.

1 lot only available... $995         

FlotoPump - Used

FlotoPump - Used

FlotoPump - Used

Included -- water thief (3), 3-way valve (2), hose clamp, replacement washers, spark plug tool (Stihl), camlock fittings (1 male & 1 female), adapter MNPSH x FQC (2); adapter FNPSH x FQC (3), adapter female garden hose x FQC, FQC cap, gated garden hose wye, garden hose shut-off, coupling wrench (2), selectable orifice stream nozzle, adjustable hose nozzle, rope.

Please note the following about the above items ...
  • First come, first served
  • All items are in limited supply. Availability will be confirmed by email or telephone.
  • Final sale — no warranty, no return.
  • Shipping charges and sales taxes extra.
Email or call for availability or to place an order.

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