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Backpack Tank/Pumps

We are ceasing our business operations in the coming months. Items on this page are no longer available.

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Collapsible Backpack Tank

Rigid Back Tank Pumps

When you travel into areas of our land where wildfires are a serious risk, the sight of the rigid back tank is a common occurrence. Often you will encounter a pickup truck with 1 or 2 of them mounted and ready for quick action. Upon entering camp or park areas, you may see small crude fire stations shelters where 1 or more may be housed along with other basic wildfire fighting equipment such as axes, shovels, brooms & rakes.

The back tank with its 5 gallons of water can be quickly slung on a person’s back and hurried to a hot spot. Discovering a fire in its early stages is crucial. The backpack tank provides a means to do something about the situation. For the cottage owner, one of these backpack tanks should be prominently placed and ready for deployment -- to the campfire, the burning barrel, or other area of concern.

Rigid Back Tank

WATERAX Back Tank           $212 Cdn

The all-new WATERAX OT-4NX is a modernized poly backpack pump that was conceived with the comfort and safety of the user in mind. The tank is made of lightweight yet rugged UV-resistant polyethylene making it easier to carry without compromising on durability. Ergonomics can be felt through the sleek contours of the tank, the integrated lumbar support, and the comfortable shoulder straps. The robust carrying handle makes for easy lifting and also serves as a port where the hand pump can be neatly docked. The large diameter filler neck allows convenient filling, cleaning access, and features a filler strainer to capture and prevent unwanted particles from entering the hand pump's water supply.
POT-4NX Waterax Back Tank
with brass pistol grip hand pump
$212.00 Cdn
Out of Stock

PolyTank Rigid Back Tank
Hydro-Wick Poly Back Tank           $259Cdn

Corrosion-proof tank made with UV resistant polyethylene plastic. Heavier wall thickness provides better puncture resistance. Large diameter filler neck. Drop-in flexible mesh strainer. Weather resistant rubber filler cap. Left and right hand operation with central pump hose connection swivels with 90° hand pump hose connection that keeps space requirement to a minimum when transporting. Uses a bayonet pumping action with thumb pressure to control spray pattern. Can shoot a water stream 40 to 50 feet with an optimum operating distance of about 10 feet.

Dimensions    Features:
  • Designed for left or right handed operators
  • Plastic tank able to stand rough treatment
  • Weight evenly distributed on shoulders, back
  • Rounded design aids operator comfort
  • Corrosion resistant unit
  • Adjustable 2" nylon shoulder straps
  • Tank has a 5 gallon (19 litres) capacity
  • Spray pattern controlled by thumb pressure
Capacity: 5 gal. US (19.1 litres)
Height: 19" (48.25cm)
Width: 20" (50.8cm)
Depth: 7" (17.8cm)
Weight: 10.2 lb. (4.6 kg)

Stock #
Hydro-Wick Poly Back Tank
with brass bayonet style hand pump
$259 Cdn
Out of Stock

Base support for PolyTank Rigid Back Tank Base Support For rigid back tank          $99 Cdn

Optional bracket for supporting the back tank during storage or transportation. Includes nylon straps for securing the pack.
For Hydro-Wick Poly Back Tank only.

Stock #
Base Support
For Hydro-Wick Poly Back Tank
$99 Cdn
Special Order
Out of Stock


Collapsible Back Tanks

When space limitations are major concerns, the collapsible back tank is the choice. It is comfortable to wear and provides the same water capacity as its rigid counterpart.

Waterax Neoprene Backpack $375 Cdn

The WATERAX HPO-2X is a rugged collapsible backpack made of durable nylon fibrecoated with neoprene. The neoprene bag is UV resistant and fireproof. It also offers exceptional abrasion resistance and can easily be repaired in the field with standard tire patches. The all-new brass hand pump design features a forward grooved hand grip and a rear pistol grip that makes operating the hand pump easier on the wrist and requires less effort than standard hand pumps.

Collapsible Back Tank
Length: 20 7/8 (53 cm) Dry Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Width: 28 1/8 (71.5 cm) Wet Weight: 48 lbs (21.7 kg)
Capacity: 5 US Gallons (19 L)

Stock #
Waterax Collapsible Backpack
with brass pistol grip hand pump
$375.00 Cdn
Special Order
Out of Stock

Waterax VPO-1X Collapsible Backpack $199 Cdn
  • Vinyl coated polyester; reinforced seams; durable
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Sturdy and ergonomic nylon rear pistol grip hand pump
    ... use left or right handed.
  • Operational weight under 50 lb.
  • UV resistant; highly visible
  • Capacity: 5 US gallons (19 L)
  • Premium WATERAX shoulder straps — comfortable
  • Shoulder & chest straps adjustable
  • Collapsible for space saving
  • ScotchliteŽ reflective strips for increased visibility
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Stock #
Waterax Vinyl Collapsible Backpack
with brass hand pump
$199 Cdn
Special Order
Out of Stock

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