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One Stop Fire Products One Stop Fire Products One Stop Fire Products
Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!


New Product Watch

2016 brings exciting changes as several products from new suppliers begin to appear in our stable. Of greatest significance is the access to Waterax products providing a wider selection of quality fire pumps. Also, it adds another needed link in our accessories supply chain. Hopefully the restocking nightmares of previous years will decline.

Another change is the addition of numerous accessories from Scotty Plastics. This Vancouver Island based company, in business since 1952, is known world-wide for its fishing, marine, outdoor and firefighting products. The Scotty Fire division produces many items made primarily of glass-reinforced engineering grade nylon (Ny-Glass). They are lightweight, durable and very economical for the budget conscious.


Mark-3 Fire Pump

This item is not new — just new to us in 2016. It is called the "Mark-3®", but you may know it as the "Wajax pump", or the "Wildfire MK 3". Although it roots go back to 1925, the Mark-3 actually first appeared in 1964. Since that time it has been the pump of choice for forest fire crews around North America. Today, it is not hard to find Mark-3's that have been in service for more than 30 years.

The Mark-3 pump is appropriate for demanding situations where higher pressures are required while maintaining flow rates. The high compression 2 stroke engine requires a fit and experienced operator to meet the physical operational demands. This pump is for professionals. It is not recommended for casual or "civilian" operation. It is a serious pump.

Starting at $4,595 Cdn.                   Click to go to Mark-3 Product Page


Mini-Striker Fire Pump

Again, not a new product — just new to us in 2016. The Mini-Striker fire pump, powered by Honda, is ready to jump into action as an all-ages easy-to-use tool. Whether tasked for fire fighting, or watering your landscape, or pressure washing your dock, deck and outdoor toys, this people & environment-friendly workhorse is up to the task.

The 4 stroke technology provides fuel simplicity & efficiency, low noise, and ease of operation — a plus when placed in a family environment.

And don't overlook its portability. Can be easily be transported by 1 person, or quickly put into your boat to respond to a nearby fire situation. A valuable asset for your property. Peace of mind.

Starting at $1,255 Cdn.           Click to go to Mini-Striker Product Page

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