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One Stop Fire Products One Stop Fire Products One Stop Fire Products
Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

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   One Stop Fire Products Inc. provides portable fire pump systems, components, accessories and related fire fighting goods for rural, vacation and remote properties.

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The New Season Is Here ...

From early indications, the 2017 fire season will arrive early. Active wildfire reports have already been received from southern areas — particularly Oklahoma. Soon the spring fire season will ramp up with the coming of warmer temperatures and the new season green growth still being a number of weeks away. A weather anomoly was noted on December 22nd at the North Pole when the temperature was 0C &mash; more than 30C degrees higher than normal for the time of year. There is not much question that this will play a role in weather conditions down the road.

Here at One Stop Fire Products Inc., sadly our winter hibernation with its R & R is over — we are now back fully in the saddle. We thank all for their patience while we recharged our batteries. The phones are ringing and inquiries are coming in. Currently, we are working with several customers in the planning & design of their fire protection systems for their wildland properties. Deliveries are being made and our early season stock is on the move.

Recommendations for our customers ... start now on your fire protection strategies for this season. It is important to put thought into your direction. You have a lot at stake. Do not make the "Walmart" mistake and just plop down your money and think that you have value. Be sure that you have the right product for your property, your personnel and your budget — and that it will live up to your expectations. Please talk to us. We will evaluate your location, product choices, operators, and price to ensure that you have the best value and capabilities. The biggest mistake that people make is purchase without fitting that purchase to themselves.

Start the process now. Early planning will get the best package at the best price and avoid the Plan "B" scenario so often associated with last minute actions. Our goal is to get you your best solution. Now is the time to put the wheels in motion.


About Product Availability ...

We do attempt to have the most popular items on-hand, but as we move into the summer months, our warehouse does get depleted. A fire crisis anywhere in North America (or around the world) can strip our shelves within hours, create product shortages and cause havoc with our supply chain. This hit us hard in both 2015 and 2016. It is advised to plan ahead as much as you can -- we will try our best to meet your needs.


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For Our USA Customers

All prices on this website are in Canadian dollars. Recently, the US dollar has been significantly above the Canadian counterpart with the result that the net cost of your purchase will be less than the face amount shown — recently in the 30% range.

Be aware that currency exchange rates are constantly changing. You can use the Foreign Exchange Calculator found on the left of each webpage to check the current rate. This will give you an approximation of what your net cost will be.

When you pay by credit card, there is nothing special that you must do. Your bank will automatically convert the charge at their preferred rate of the moment when they process the transaction and you will see that information on your credit card statement.

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Protect Your Forest Home or Summer Cottage
  FireSmart Manual ... 16 pages
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